LONDON, UK — Usain Bolt says he will do anything for his beloved Jamaica, including running a leg of the 4x400m if he is not tired.

At a press conference in London today, Bolt said as long as he is not too tired after the 200m finals, he would consider it.

Carrying the Jamaican flag in the Opening Ceremony, he said, is an honour.

“I will do anything for Jamaica, anything they ask. I love Jamaica and wouldn’t live anywhere else,” he said.

That quote gives some insight  into the mind of a young champion who has his eyes set on being a legend. Here it is.  winners count the cost and step up, they are willing to do what unsuccessful people are unwilling  to do. OMG that’s it. We win because we are willing to do the things others were unwilling to do.

What cause are you sold out to today?  Here are a few to consider; God, country, family

Jesus says it best. “if you save your life you will lose it and if you lose your life you will save it”

Find a cause to die for. You will soon discover that’s when you start to live.

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