A team is defined as a group of people collaborating together to achieve some predefined goals with a high grade of efficiency and effectiveness which would not be accomplished otherwise i.e. by working individually.

A very commonly used elaboration of the term TEAM is “Together Everyone Achieves More”. That means the sum total of volume & quality of individual output is less than the collective team output contributed by same number of people working for the same goal.

A lot of researches suggested the result in favor of the above conclusion and the 21st century management philosophy are highly aligned towards team working for better productivity.

Here are some modern day examples of the benefit of teamwork:

1. Kobe  Bryant and the Lakers won 5 basketball championships

2. Usain Bolt and the Jamaican 4 x 100m relay team set 2 world records. (Lets see what they will do in the Olympics this year)

3. Jesus and his disciples still changing the world after 2000 years.

What life changing goal(s) do you have in mind?. It will require a team

Here is a great start; ” WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE”

No EGO–No Edging God Out, Just Represent!!


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