Edwin Moses was a truly remarkable hurdler who completely dominated his event for a decade.

The 400m hurdles is one of the toughest events in all of track and field. it require the speed of a sprinter, strength of a 800m runner and the agility and rhythm of a gymnist.If you eliminate any of these components you are doomed.

Year after year we see athletes lead the race to the 300m mark only to be eaten alive thereafter or stutter step the final hurdle to his or her dimise.

So what made Edwin Moses great?  My brief encounter with him lead me to one conclusion; ” MINDSET”. He new what it took and  was diligent in maximizing his potential in all areas.

Life may seem like the 400m hurdles to you; so many thing to be aware of at the same time. You only live once on this side of eternity, by all means get it right.The challenges we face are no match for the power that lies within.


Link to Olympic site

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